I came across this huge sale today from B&H Academic on their Perspectives series (multiple views written by various authors in one volume). I already bought the volume on the ending of Mark and want to read it just to have the various views on it. But check out all of them below, starting at $0.99.

The books are: Perspectives on……

1) Church Government

2) Doctrine of God

3) The Sabbath

4) Election

5) The Ending of Mark

6) Extent of the Atonement

7) Children’s Spiritual Formation

8) Your Child’s Education

9) Christian Worship

10) Israel and the Church

11) Our Struggle with Sin: Romans 7

12) Tithing

There are also a few other books on sale, such as Beginning with Moses: A Guide to Finding Jesus in the OT by Michael Barrett ($0.99), and Spiritual Mindedness by John Owen ($0.99).

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