New Books

Scacewater’s new book, Grounded in the Faith, is an ideal tool for teaching the basics of the faith to new believers in a discussion- and mentor-based scenario. For more on why Todd wrote it (and uses it in his church), see his post Two Problems with Making Converts instead of Disciples.


Larry Hurtado tells you about a hidden Greek gem that he likes to carry in his briefcase.

Book Deals

The Pastor Theologian by Wilson and Hiestand, $2.99 on Kindle

Their Rock Is Not Like Our Rock: A Theology of Religions, by Daniel Strange, $3.99 on Kindle

Four Views on Christianity and Philosophy (Counterpoints: Bible and Theology), ed. Paul M. Gould, $4.99 on Kindle

Awakening the Evangelical Mind: An Intellectual History of the Neo-Evangelical Movement, by Owen Strachan, $4.99 on Kindle

What Christians Ought to Believe: An Introduction to Christian Doctrine Through the Apostles’ Creed, by Michael F. Bird, $6.99 on Kindle

In the New Studies in Dogmatics series, the Holy Spirit and Triune God volume are both $6.99 on Kindle

In the Biblical Theology of the New Testament series, the Mark volume and the Peter James and Jude volume are both $7.99 on Kindle

I (Still) Believe: Leading Bible Scholars Share Their Stories of Faith and Scholarship, ed. John Byron and Joel N. Lohr, $7.99 on Kindle

Kierkegaard: A Single Life, by Stephen Backhouse, $4.99 on Kindle

Defending Inerrancy: Affirming the Accuracy of Scripture for a New Generation, by Norman L. Geisler and William C. Roach, $2.39 on Kindle