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NIV Application Commentary Series

  • The NIV Application Commentary series provides solid exegesis from trusted scholars, with a special emphasis on preaching, teaching, and discipleship. The Kindle prices are especially appealing!

IVP Dictionary Series

  • The IVP Dictionary series provides a fantastic way to bone up on Biblical backgrounds that can give you a hermeneutical leg-up on any text. Definitely check out the NT Background volume by Craig A. Evans and Stanley E. Porter, Jr.!

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Heard In This Episode:

1:42 – What are the differences between study time for schoolwork and for sermons in a busy pastorate?

3:45 – How is it actually an advantage to study in the context of shepherding real people?

5:44 – What is your rhythm for sermon prep?

11:03 – During a season of change, what are the biggest temptations for you as it concerns your study of the Bible?

14:19 – How has this season of change been beneficial?

21:05 – The exponential benefits of preaching consecutively through one book of the Bible.

22:03 – What resources have you been reaching out for lately in your study?

25:32 – On what Scripture have you been meditating lately?