This is honestly the best batch of sales I’ve seen all year. The B&H Christ-Centered commentaries are useful for preaching and application, and the OT Library commentaries are incredibly expensive. I’m trying to decide which ones to get, if not all of them! And I’m being serious. Not sure how long these will last, so grab the ones you want now. … Oh, and please don’t tell your spouse I told you about these deals. 🙂

Old Testament Library Commentaries: $4.99 Each
Genesis, by Gerhard von Rad (a classic!)
Isaiah, by Brevard Childs
Micah, by Daniel Smith-Christopher
Esther, by Jon Levenson
The Psalms, by Artur Weiser
1-2 Chronicles, by Sara Japhet

New Testament Commentaries: $4.99 Each
Mark, by Eugene Boring
Acts, by Carl Holladay
Galatians, Martin de Boer
1-3 John, by Judith Lieu
Revelation, by Brian Blount
Images of the Church in the NT, by Paul Minear

Ruth, by Kirsten Nielsen ($9.99)
Jonah, James Limburg ($9.99)
Yahweh and the Gods and Goddesses of Canaan (Library Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies), by John Day, $2.99

Christ-Centered Exposition Commentaries: $2.99 Each
Exodus, by Tony Merida
Leviticus, by Allan Moseley
1-2 Kings, by Tony Merida
Ezekiel, by Landon Dowden
Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi
Ezra and Nehemiah, by Jim Hamilton
Matthew, by David Platt
Mark, by Daniel Akin
Pastoral Epistles, by David Platt