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Heard In This Episode:

2:21 – Doctrine inevitably and necessarily informs exegesis.

8:50 – How can students of Scripture recognize the doctrine they bring to the text and still submit themselves to the Word? Can we “do good theology” and be good exegetes?

14:50 – What should readers expect from the Five Solas series, and how does it compare to Barrett’s Reformation Theology?

23:23 – The Reformers were biblical scholars and churchmen.

24:47 – Why scholars, students, and especially pastors will want to check out Credo Magazine

29:03 – What are the differences between European and American doctoral programs, and why should students view American programs as “more robust?”

34:16 – Why every listener should come to Midwestern Seminary (or, “The host reveals his bias”)

The Five Solae Summarized by Sound Thinkers

God’s Word Alone by Matthew Barrett

Faith Alone by Tom Schreiner

Grace Alone by Carl Trueman

Christ Alone by Stephen Wellum

God’s Glory Alone by David Vandrunen

Reformation Theology — A Systematic Summary

This tome on the theology of the Reformation from Crossway was edited by Dr. Barrett and includes substantial contributions from the likes of Michael Horton, Carl Trueman, and Scott Swain.