The Teaching of Jesus concerning the Kingdom of God and the Church, by Geerhardus Vos, with a new introduction by Danny E. Olinger (Fontes). Kindle version also available for half the price.

James: A Commentary on the Greek Text, by William Varner (Fontes). Currently 20% off on Amazon, incredibly cheap for a 400+ page critical commentary.

Romans Verse by Verse, by Grant Osborne (Lexham)

Theistic Evolution: A Scientific, Philosophical, and Theological Critique, eds. J. P. Moreland and Stephen C. Meyer

Redeeming the Life of the Mind: Essays in Honor of Vern Poythress, eds. John M. Frame and Wayne Grudem

Rediscovering Paul: An Introduction to His World, Letters and Theology, 2nd ed., by Capes, Reeves, and Richards (IVP Academic)

Old Testament Theology for Christians: From Ancient Context to Enduring Belief, by John H. Walton (IVP Academic)

A New Approach to Textual Criticism: An Introduction to the Coherence-Based Genealogical Method, by Tommy Wasserman and Peter J. Gurry (SBL)

The SBL Commentary on the Septuagint: An Introduction, by Dirk Büchner (SBL)

Paul’s Vision for the Deacons: Assisting the Elders with the Care of God’s Church, by Alexander Strauch

Jude: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary, by Herbert W. Bateman IV (Lexham)

Romans (Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture), by Scott W. Hahn (Baker Academic)

Genesis (Brazos Theological Commentary on the Bible), by R. R. Reno (Brazos)

Matthew (The Story of God Bible Commentary), by Rodney Reeves (Zondervan)

The Pentateuch (Core Biblical Series), by Marvin A. Sweeney (Abingdon)

Theology, Politics, and Exegesis: Essays on the History of Modern Biblical Criticism,  by Jeffrey L. Morrow (Pickwick)

Beyond the Texts: An Archaeological Portrait of Ancient Israel and Judah, by William G. Dever (SBL)

Biblical Theology, vols. #2 and #3 by Jeffrey Niehaus (Weaver)

Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis (Lexham Methods Series)

Social & Historical Approaches to the Bible (Lexham Methods Series)

New books to keep your languages in 2 minutes a day Editions include Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

Devotions on the Greek New Testament, Volume Two: 52 Reflections to Inspire and Instruct (Zondervan)

Philippians (Hermeneia: A Critical & Historical Commentary on the Bible), by Paul A. Holloway

Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus, by Brian Wright (Fortress Press)

The Oxford Handbook of the Bible in America, ed. Paul Gutjahr

Biblia Hebraica Quinta: Job

Paul as Pastor, ed. Andrew S. Malone and Trevor J. Burke

The Books of Haggai and Malachi (New International Commentary on the Old Testament), by Mignon R. Jacobs