Basic Greek Videos

The following videos are offered for free to anyone who wants to learn Greek on their own or who wants to refresh their Greek or improve it.


If you need a Greek grammar book, I would recommend Rodney Decker’s Reading Koine Greek as the most user-friendly to the beginning student, and it includes sentences and exercises within the textbook. I have given it a comprehensive review here. After you finish Greek grammar, Decker also has a helpful intermediate workbook, Koine Greek Reader, for you to keep translating through the NT, Apostolic Fathers, and some creeds, all in Koine Greek. He provides questions and help along the way. If you still need help reading NT texts yourself, check out our Greek Reading Videos.

Course Materials

Bill Mounce has created free course materials to help you teach yourself Greek. These include devotionals, blogs related to the grammatical lesson, vocabulary, exercises, and more. You have to purchase the lectures, so you can use our free videos with his course materials and voila! You can learn Greek. This laminated sheet also contains the gist of all you need to memorize.

If you would like to contribute some funds to help us continue making free language resources, including Hebrew, Aramaic, German, French, and Latin, your donations would be incredibly helpful and enabling. Donations are not tax-deductible. If you donate, please tell us in the “instructions for seller” field what you would like to see developed next. Thanks!


Intro to Koine GreekAlphabetNoun Case SystemFirst Declension NounsSecond Declension NounsSquare of StopsTheArticlePersonal PronounsReflexive PronounsPresent Active IndicativePresent Mid Pass IndicaativeImperfect Active IndicativeImperfect Mid Pass IndicativeFuture Active IndicativeFuture Middle IndicativeFuture Passive IndicativeFirst Aorist Act and Mid IndPerfect Active IndicativePerfect Mid Pass IndicativePrepositions


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