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Todd (PhD, Westminster) is a pastor and research fellow in Christian social ethics.

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Co-Founder, Fontes Press

Cliff (BA, Biblical Languages) is pursuing a ThM and is addicted to Hebrews.

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Travis has served in pastoral and music ministry and is finishing his MDiv at MBTS.

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Will (PhD) pastors and teaches NT at The Master’s College where he directs IBEX.

Toolkit | Zondervan E-Book Sale

One Life by Scot McKnight, $2.99; Know the Councils and Creeds, by Justin Holcomb, $2.99; The Gospel at Work: How Working for King Jesus Gives Purpose and Meaning to Our Jobs, by Traeger and Gilbert, $2.99; The God I Don’t Understand, by Christopher Wright, $2.99; The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission, by John Dickson, $2.99; The Unbelievable Gospel, by Jonathan Dobson, $2.99; How to Read the Bible through the Jesus Lens, by Michael Williams, $2.99; Reading Romans in Context: Paul and Second Temple Judaism, $4.99 Check out…

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Tool Talk | Efficient Exegesis with BibleWorks | Jim Barr

            PURCHASE BIBLEWORKS 10 HEARD IN THIS EPISODE: Travis: “It’s not maybe so much about whether or not you can access these things, but how quickly you can access them and how efficiently you can access them… [I]t seems like BibleWorks sets itself apart… in that way.” Jim: “We don’t have any commentary sets. We don’t have any sermon outlines. We don’t have any sermon illustrations… What we do give you are Bibles, the Greek text,…

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Greek Matters | Is That in the Greek?

“Keep your Bibles open. My job is to preach the text; your job is to make sure what I’m saying is really there,” my pastor said to begin his Easter morning sermon. Liam was appropriately preaching out of John 20, so I slipped out my Greek New Testament and tried to follow along in it. In doing so…

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Tool Talk | Mere Devotion and Lifelong Learning | Mike Ackerman

HEARD IN THIS EPISODE: Mike: “I’m responsible before God to grow and learn in the way that this situation can provide for me.” Mike: “I think when we’re really secure in our identity in Christ, when we understand that on our best day we’re far from worthy… it frees us up to say, ‘I’m gonna learn from wherever I can’… under that broader banner of a longing to be fruitful for the Lord versus a phobic need to be credible.” Travis:…

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Toolkit | The Week of Augustine

You’ll find below lots of book deals from various figures such as Sproul, Ehrman, and Craig… and you’ll also find a couple posts focusing on Augustine, his understanding of Greek, and his doctrine of original guilt. Hopefully more Augustine to come… you can’t ever have enough of him….

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Toolkit | Six Counseling Books on Sale Cheap

These books come from the professors at Westminster and/or CCEF, the gospel-centered counseling center situated just across the street. Each are only $1.99 on Kindle. They’re great reads for those in ministry or those who just want to love their neighbor better….

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