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Greek 2 Resources for Winter 2015

I’m posting here the resources I’m using for my Greek 2 class this winter. If you are learning Greek or need to refresh, you may not have seen some of these resources and they can all be quite helpful. The following resources are required. Bruce Metzger, Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek Daniel Wallace, Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics: An Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament D. A. Carson, Exegetical Fallacies   The following resources are recommended. I recommend one…

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Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek (2015)

What looks to be an incredible resource will be published in 2015 by Brill. It’s the Dictionary of Ancient Greek, translated from the Italian version by Franco Montanari. Its features are: The principal parts of some 15,000 verbs are listed directly following the entry and its etymology. For each of these forms, the occurrence in the ancient texts has been certified. When found only once, the location is cited. Nearly all entries include citations from the texts with careful mention…

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Zondervan Now Printing Word Commentaries

At ETS/SBL last week I received a copy of Ralph Martin’s commentary 2 Corinthians, Volume 40: Second Edition (Word Biblical Commentary). I am very pleased to see that Zondervan has taken over printing the Word commentaries. I’m not sure if they will continue printing revised editions or if they will be replacing old commentaries. But the English and Greek fonts are much more reader friendly than Word Press’s fonts, which I found atrocious. Martin’s volume seems to me a slight updating…

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Festschrift for Doug Moo

This week a Festschrift was released in honor of Doug Moo, entitled Studies in the Pauline Epistles: Essays in Honor of Douglas J. Moo. It has a great collection of essays by Beale, Carson, Verbrugge, Wright, Schreiner, etc., and an interesting dual set of essays by Dunn and Westerholm: Dunn on what is right about the Old Perspective, and Westerholm about what is right about the New Perspective! Much thanks to Doug Moo for his long faithful career in biblical studies…

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Trimm’s “YHWH Fights for Them!” (Divine Warrior in Exod)

I just finished my review on Charlie Trimm’s published dissertation “YHWH Fights for Them!”: The Divine Warrior in the Exodus Narrative. My dissertation (in progress) involves a good amount of work on the divine warrior and divine builder motif in Ps 68, so I really reaped a lot of benefit from Trimm’s work. In ch. 2 he extracts themes and motifs from the poetic Divine Warrior texts; in ch. 3 he argues that Exod 1-14 contain these themes and motifs;…

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Tutor in NT Position Open at Westminster College

I found today there is a position open at Westminster College in Cambridge for Tutor in NT. You can find the job information and application forms here: Application deadline is Dec. 12.

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Review Published on Calaway’s Sabbath and Sanctuary

My review has been published on Jared Calaway’s The Sabbath and the Sanctuary: Access to God in the Letter to the Hebrews and its Priestly Context (WUNT II). For the full text, click here. Calaway’s published dissertation was an interesting read, especially given his exploration of the similarities between Hebrews and Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice. Such a connection warranted a full study in itself, given the heavenly tabernacle scene in the Qumran document. I was less impressed by his reading of Hebrews,…

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Review Published on Ounsworth’s “Joshua Typology in NT”

My review of Richard Ounsworth’s published dissertation (WUNT II series) has been published in WTJ 76.1. For the full PDF, click here. I enjoyed reading this work and found it a helpful addition to studies on typology in the NT. Contrary to the implication of its name, the book only treats three sections in Hebrews and looks at the relationship between Joshua and Jesus (whose Greek name is the same). He relates the spatial relationship of entering the land with the relationship…

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Review Published on DaSilva’s “The Apocrypha”

My review on David DaSilva’s new work, The Apocrypha, has been published in Westminster Theological Journal 76. I’m attaching the PDF here for the full text.  This work is part of a new series, Core Biblical Studies, that provides succinct introductions to topics in biblical studies. There is another volume on the Dead Sea Scrolls that looks good as well. With Second Temple Judaism all the rage in biblical studies nowadays, these introductions will surely be helpful for professors introducing their students to…

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Greek Alphabet Song

For those who need a catchy and effective tune to use for memorizing the Greek alphabet, I have found William Mounce’s tune to be just that (even my wife can sing it!). Find it here.

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