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Todd (PhD, Westminster) is a pastor and research fellow in Christian social ethics.

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The Strongest Defense of “Authority” Since Warfield?

B. B. Warfield (1851-1921) is now famous for, among many of his works, his posthumously collected writings entitled The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible. Especially in Reformed camps, Warfield is perhaps the standard defender of the bible’s authority and inspiration. But his work is admittedly old and he did not face the challenges of the last century of modern critical developments….

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Summarizing the Bible in One Sentence

We had an unofficial contest on our Facebook page and weekly Greek email. We asked everyone to summarize the Bible in one sentence, and we got some great responses. Here they all are, along with our pick for the best answer. Look for further contests, as we recently acquired some great Greek resources at a used book sale to give away to you all….

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Some Questions about Inductive Bible Study

Yes, there are many books on the market on how to study the Bible. However, the traditional approach to the inductive method (a model that presents steps of observation, interpretation, and application) is most often depicted in popular level titles. The one notable exception to this is the Bauer and Traina book…

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Books to Add to your 2017 Reading List

Every November sees the release of some of the most anticipated books, monographs, commentaries, and more in the field of Biblical studies, and this year was no different! Below I highlight a few that I would recommend picking up and adding to your 2017 reading list….

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Keep Your Greek: Get the Best Resources

The first step to keeping your Greek is to choose the right Greek Bible. Beyond this, there are many other ways to help keep your Greek, one of the most important being that you get the best resources. There are different types of resources, and it’s great to have a couple in each category within reach at your desk….

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Weekly Roundup January 13, 2017

Learn about studying at Cambridge over the summer. Ministers and laypeople are encouraged to go, and it’s for two weeks (or you can just do one).

For those who were complaining about Mohr Siebeck’s price of God and the Faithfulness of Paul (the massive response to NT Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God), Fortress Press is putting out a cheaper version…

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Tribute to John Sailhamer: Review of His Meaning of the Pentateuch

The Meaning of the Pentateuch by John Sailhamer (IVP, 2009, 632 pp.) was the most stimulating and insightful book on the Bible that I read in the decade of 2000-2010. Sailhamer boldly went where most fear to tread in his proposal about the textual composition of the Pentateuch and the entire Hebrew Bible – as well as their implications for a theology of the OT. He argues for a two stage composition of the….

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