Acts Greek Reading Videos


24 videos guiding you through Luke’s advanced and complex literary style in Acts 1.


  • varner-headshotDr. William Varner focuses on the more advanced features of Greek grammar and syntax in Acts chapter 1. Dr. Varner has taught Greek Exegesis and Biblical Exposition at Master’s College since 1996 and has authored a dozen books.
  • Permanent access to all 24 videos teaching through the 26 Greek verses of Acts 1. Each video spends 10 minutes examining one verse of Luke’s literary and complex Greek style.
  • Theological analysis of significant verses for Acts as a whole and Lukan theology.
  • Text-critical analysis, with manuscript images, of significant variants.
  • A forum dedicated to questions, comments, or problems with your James videos. You can ask us any question about any Greek-related issue in Luke.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you finish the series and don’t believe you’ve improved your Greek, we’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.


Recommended For

  • Students who already have a firm grasp of morphology.
  • Those who want exposure to advanced grammar and syntax.
  • Those who want to be challenged with the New Testament’s most difficult and complex Greek.

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