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26 videos teaching you through the Greek text of Colossians a few verses at a time. Focus on refreshing and solidifying morphology, syntax, and vocabulary.

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Here’s What You’ll Get

  • Scacewater-0338(1)Professor Todd Scacewater, Teaching Fellow of New Testament and Greek at Westminster Theological Seminary, walks you through translating every verse in Colossians. Todd has published in journals such as RevQ, WTJ, JETS, JESOT, The Churchman, and more, but loves most of all to study and teach Greek. See his bio and CV here.
  • Permanent access to 26 videos teaching through the entire Greek text of Colossians.
  • A focus on refreshing you on the finer and irregular aspects of Greek morphology and paradigms to train you to confidently parse on your own.
  • A focus on syntactical categories so you learn how to discern different possible meanings in various phrases.
  • Some use of discourse analysis to understand Colossians as a whole discourse and to give suggestions for preaching or teaching passages.
  • A forum dedicated to questions, comments, or problems with your Colossians videos. You can ask us any question about any Greek-related issue in Colossians.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you finish the Colossians series and don’t believe you’ve improved your Greek, we’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.


Recommended For

  • Students who recently finished Greek 2, 3, or 4.
  • Those whose Greek is rusty.
  • Those who have difficulty reading a Greek Bible without several aids.
  • Pastors preparing to preach Colossians.

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7 reviews for Colossians Greek Reading Videos

  1. 5 out of 5


    Have you completed a year Greek, either working on your own with a grammar or in a classroom environment and have struggled to build upon the solid foundation you put in place? Then Todd Scacewater has begun a new blog called Exegetical Tools where you can sign up for his Basic Greek for the Week email. In the email he includes a basic paradigm for the week with resources to help you learn as much as you’d like. Most e-mails will also include a free video teaching going through the paradigm if you want to re-learn it from scratch.

    Having reviewed his video on Colossians 3:1-4 recently, I can say that the pace of Todd’s translation is perfect and very easy to follow. His parsing of words and explanation of grammatical constructions are insightful and help to reinforce rudimentary and intermediate Greek translation concepts. The video length of around 15mins also makes them just right. They don’t overload the learner, but are long enough to provide good level of immersion. The quality of the instruction, using an onscreen ‘whiteboard’ approach, assists the learning process by combining both auditory and visual input which should aid both types of learners.

    In summary, I highly recommend Todd’s blog and encourage you to head across there and sign up, to help take your Greek to the next level.

  2. 5 out of 5


    While viewing the Colossians Greek Reading videos, I thought how similar these were to being in a live classroom, having taken an intermediate Greek class in a Greek Reading and Exegesis course. Todd Scacewater is an explorer of the text who guides us gently and deftly so that we may discover the entire terrain of the Colossian Epistle. His style is conversational and “interactive”, because at least for me, he was able to anticipate my questions, my “but”s, my “however, can’t it be taken this other way, and then what?” To put the biblical Greek language to use is a complex art. It is a multi-dimensional endeavour. It requires the technical competencies of the basics of the language, and then there is the syntax, the larger flow of logic, the broader concerns of discourse analysis. These videos are a wonderful exploration into the language and the meaning of this epistle. I personally enjoy being on an expedition, and these videos are just the right means to do so. Explore, enjoy, discover.

  3. 5 out of 5


    As a full time pastor it’s easy to let your original languages take a back seat. I purchased this course to brush up my exegetical skills and I was not disappointed.

    The instructional videos moved at a good pace, 20 minutes or so through each pericope of Colossians. The instructor covers vocabulary, grammar, and syntax for intermediate students in a clear and memorable manner.

    After completing the course my understanding of grammatical analysis, syntactical categories, and translational procedure was strengthened. The benefit of reviewing Greek grammar and syntax, in relationship to a whole book of the New Testament, provides “real world” experience. Also, the integration of literary form and linguistics was a treat.

    In short, I will continue to purchase courses from and I encourage you to do the same.

  4. 5 out of 5


    With the unavoidable demands placed upon pastors, it is crucial to interact with the original sources in order to understand the text of Scripture and thereby craft faithful sermons and Bible studies. I am constantly on the lookout for resources to help me with this vital task. These instructive and helpful videos immerse me in the text of the Greek NT which, as a non-specialist, is exactly what I need. Thanks for the excellent work. Well worth the investment!

  5. 4 out of 5


    I found these videos really helpful and I find I can now read Colossians in Greek with a better understanding of the grammar. I like the way Todd speaks us through it with occasional stumbles. His stumbles give me hope. If he can do it then it’s ok when I do too. Some of the vocabulary screens have not been as well prepared as he hoped. Some words he thought were there turn out not to be and there are a few errors. That could be tightened up a bit – hence 4* and not 5. But overall I have found this the easiest way to advance my Greek that I have ever come across and I will happily pay for more of the same on other NT books.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I have taken 1 and 1/2 years of Greek, but have let my skills become dull over the last few years or so. This series is refreshing my skills in reading Greek as well as giving me exegetical skills I did not learn in my Greek classes in bible college and seminary. The length of the videos is long enough to learn what is necessary, but short enough to be watched over and over again till you get it. Right now I am rewatching this series and it has been refreshing and a great learning tool for not only interpretation but for seeing how words and phrases fit together and pull the verses together nicely.

  7. 4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Having completed Greek 2, and facing an extended break before starting Greek 3, I purchased this video pack to aid me in keeping up to speed, and have not been disappointed. These videos are kind of like super-sized versions of the “Daily Dose of Greek” videos. The instructor takes time to comment on every word and clause, and does a good job of presenting multiple viewpoints when appropriate. The presentation is not always incredibly dynamic, but it is always helpful. My only complaint is that a number of the videos are too quiet–I’ll have the sound all the way up on the video and my laptop speakers, and won’t be able to hear well if there is any other noise in the room (such as a fan). But that’s a minor distraction, and could probably be remedied by using a pair of headphones.

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