The Teaching of Jesus concerning the Kingdom of God and the Church

A classic yet still valuable discussion of the kingdom of God and the church, with a new introduction on Vos, placing this work in the wider stream of debate about the kingdom.

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This classic work by systematic-turned-biblical theologian Geerhardus Vos was originally published in 1903. While the “already-not yet” inaugurated eschatology paradigm was not fully popularized until George Ladd’s work in the latter half of the 1900s, Vos had already worked out the same scheme. He recognized both a present reality of the kingdom through God’s saving power and a future consummated state of righteousness and blessedness.

While many works would be dated after more than a century, Vos’s work remains valuable for normative exposition of Jesus’ teaching about the kingdom. He also provides insight into views current in his day that are useful for understanding the history of discussions on eschatology. In addition to discussing the kingdom, he also discusses how the church itself is the kingdom in some form.

This new work contains an introduction providing background on Vos as a scholar and his work, as well as placing this book in the wider stream of discussions on the kingdom.

This work is scheduled for release Fall 2017.


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