This week we welcome and are very excited to have Jennifer Guo join our team of contributors. Jennifer has worked as a full-time accountant and grew up a staunch atheist, until she had what she describes as a Damascus Road type experience during her undergrad. Since then, she has fallen in love with theology and biblical studies – so much so that she has given up her career as an accountant to pursue a research MDiv at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. She has been running her own blog for quite a while and has amassed a pretty loyal and impressive audience. This Spring she even broke into the top 40 biblioblogs. I’ll turn over the mic to her for the rest of the introduction.

Jennifer GuoI was very honored to be invited to join the team here at Exegetical Tools. There are many great Christian living websites and group blogs out there that address practical, social, and cultural issues, but to my awareness there isn’t an academic evangelical hub for biblical studies. I’m excited to join a team of like-minded young scholars to work together toward providing a consistent stream of excellent resources for exegesis and serious study.


I look forward to being a part of the growing efforts here to serve biblical studies nerds of all stripes, from the person in the pew to the pastor to the seminarian, and even those readers who do not identify as people of faith. But as a Christian with a love for the Church, what excites me most about Exegetical Tools is its great potential for bridging the academy and the Church and ultimately being a service to the people of God as they seek to grow in their knowledge and understanding of His Word.

You can see more of Jennifer’s autobiography on a post she wrote for Women Biblical Scholars, and you can look forward to her upcoming posts. Check out her bio on our Contributor’s page as well.