The Bible is available to billions of people in hundreds of languages. But did you know that of the 7,000 languages in the world, only 10% of them have a full Bible translation? God has spoken; men, inspired by the Holy Spirit, received that word and recorded it. It has been preserved meticulously for millennia. It has been copied, arranged, read, and studied. But only by those who have been fortunate to speak a language that had a Bible translation.

This page is dedicated to educating about Bible translation. As you explore, may God give you a heart for the Bibleless.

To get involved, become a prayer partner or financial partner with the Scacewaters' Wycliffe ministry. Todd Scacewater (PhD, Westminster Theological Seminary) teaches biblical studies at Dallas International University to help prepare missionaries for joining Bible translation projects. Through your partnership, we consider it our duty to help you learn more about Bible translation and its impact around the world, and to help you feel connected to the work of training Bible translation workers at Dallas International University.

The Need for Bible Translation

The Impact of Bible Translation

Why No “U”?

“Could God ‘dvu’ people?” There was complete silence; then, tears trickled down the weathered faces of these elderly men.


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The Logistics of Bible Translation

Bible Translation Resources

Memoirs by Translation Consultant David Clark

David Clark (PhD, London School of Oriental and African Studies) served for a year in the Niger Delta collecting language data among the Ekpeye people as part of the Bible translation process. He then served for twenty years as a Translation Consultant with the United Bible Societies, living in Thailand, Papua New Guinea, and India, consulting on translation projects predominantly in minority languages. His memoirs provide a detailed and humorous account of missionary life and the dire need for getting Scripture into a language that everyone can understand.


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