Here are the best books I could find published in October 2017. Make sure your adblocker is turned off or paused to see the 16 books below.

I like the EEC commentaries and this new Philippians 2-vol set must be a doozy. I’ll be posting on it soon (I have review copies with me but haven’t cracked them yet). The Hermeneia volume is likely a good contrast to the EEC volume. The very brief history on Paul by Barclay looks like a fun little book.

Take special note of the two “Methods” books from Lexham, the one on social and historical approaches to the Bible but especially the Linguistics & Biblical Exegesis volume. If you’re into languages (and if you’re not, how did you find our site?!), you’ll want this book. The last book like it was by Cotterell and Turner, and I do recommend you read that as well, but this new volume from Lexham is an edited volume and thus more specialized, and it’s of course up to date.

Lastly, my “Book of the Month” award goes to Niehaus’ 3-vol biblical theology. We’ve┬ádiscussed his first volume before and his challenge to traditional covenantal theology. His entire 3 volumes are worth owning as he is a fantastic scholar in this area.

Enjoy your shopping!