Annotated Bibliographies

Murray Harris’ Guide to Commentaries on John Based on their Various Strengths

The following is an excerpt (pp. 14-15, posted with permission) from Murray Harris’ Exegetical Guide to John’s Gospel, our Book of the Week for December 14, 2015.


Throughout this Guide references are made to five commentaries that are written in English or translated into English and are based directly on the Greek text of John. They are:

C. K. Barrett, The Gospel according to St. John: An Introduction with Commentary and Notes on the Greek Text. 2nd ed. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1978.

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New Testament Theology Annotated Bibliography

In 1787, J. P. Gabler delivered his oration on the distinction between biblical and systematic theology. Since then, NT theology has developed into a wide field of its own. The following bibliography provides the major works of the field along with annotations on the methodology and importance of the works. If you would want to enter into the field of NT theology, you should probably start with Hasel, then read Ladd. Beyond these two, which give a basic (and admittedly conservative) grasp of NT theology, you may move into the other works with different methodologies and various viewpoints…

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Discourse Analysis Annotated Bibliography

Discourse analysis is a sub-discipline within linguistics that is used to analyze discourse at a level larger than the sentence. Before discourse analysis evolved, linguists were concerned primarily with morphemes, words, phrases, and at most, sentences. But linguists in the latter half of the twentieth century began developing tools and theories for analyzing paragraphs, sections, and entire discourses. These discourses may be oral or written, and discourse analysis is intended to handle both mediums of communication….

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War Scroll Annotated Bibliography

The War Scroll is an important document for understanding second temple Judaism, and for comparison with the various eschatological hopes of the period, particularly of the NT. However, while there was an influx of studies soon after the discovery and editing of 1QM, the War Scroll was seldom published on. Articles here and there were published, but only recently in the past two decades have studies really began to appear again and advance our understanding of the War Scroll….

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Preaching Syllabus for Hebrews

Hebrews is rarely preached. It is considered impractical due to its heavy use of the OT, frequent quotations, and first-century argumentation and subject matter. I, however, believe it is perhaps the most practical book in the NT, since it addresses the dire situation of imminent apostasy, which is a perpetual concern for the church. More preaching of Hebrews would facilitate greater stability and perseverance in the faith. That is why I am providing here a syllabus for preparing to preach or teach Hebrews….

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