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Todd Scacewater


Todd (PhD, Westminster) is a pastor and research fellow in Christian social ethics.

Cliff Kvidahl

Co-Founder, Fontes Press

Cliff (BA, Biblical Languages) is pursuing a ThM and is addicted to Hebrews.

Travis Montgomery

Podcast Manager

Travis has served in pastoral and music ministry and is finishing his MDiv at MBTS.

William Varner


Will (PhD) pastors and teaches NT at The Master’s College where he directs IBEX.

Discussing the Tyndale Greek New Testament in Simple Language

“Ad fontes,” said Erasmus. Return to the sources! The brand new Tyndale House Greek New Testament uses a distinct methodology to attempt to do just that. Does it succeed? Dr. Todd Scacewater, founder of Exegetical Tools, explains the point of a new Greek New Testament and gives an in-depth review of this new effort from Crossway.

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Doctrine Always Informs Exegesis | Interview with Dr. Matthew Barrett

           Heard In This Episode: 2:21 – Doctrine inevitably and necessarily informs exegesis. 8:50 – How can students of Scripture recognize the doctrine they bring to the text and still submit themselves to the Word? Can we “do good theology” and be good exegetes? 14:50 – What should readers expect from the Five Solas series, and how does it compare to Barrett’s Reformation Theology? 23:23 – The Reformers were biblical scholars and churchmen. 24:47 – Why…

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