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Todd (PhD, Westminster) is a pastor and research fellow in Christian social ethics.

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Co-Founder, Fontes Press

Cliff (BA, Biblical Languages) is pursuing a ThM and is addicted to Hebrews.

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Travis has served in pastoral and music ministry and is finishing his MDiv at MBTS.

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Will (PhD) pastors and teaches NT at The Master’s College where he directs IBEX.

Meet Our New Blog Team

Who is New? This week, Warren Campbell and Laura Guzman have joined the Exegetical Tools team. Both are fascinatingly sharp students of biblical studies and hope to serve our audience with their blogging efforts. Please check out their profiles here on our new Contributors page. What Will We Be Offering? We have a pretty clear vision of what we want to offer, and we hope it will be enticing enough for you to follow our blog. New Books. Keep up…

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Silva’s Biblical Words and Their Meaning for $0.99!

Today’s amazing Kindle deal is Moisés Silva’s Biblical Words and Their Meaning: An Introduction to Lexical Semantics, for only $0.99!  Silva recently edited the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis (which I reviewed here). His linguistic knowledge is incredibly helpful for any student of biblical studies. Buy it now while the deal lasts. I just did!

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Review of New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis, ed. Moisés Silva

The New International Dictionary of New Testament and Exegesis (NIDNTTE), ed. Moisés Silva, is a complete reorganization and revision of the New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology (NIDNTT), ed. Colin Brown. Brown’s edition was itself a translation, revision, and expansion of Theologisches Begriffslexikon zum Neuen Testament, edited by Lothar Coenen et al. This original German edition was produced by more than 70 German academics and pastors. The NIDNTTE therefore touts a respectable pedigree, with both of its predecessors becoming standard reference works for NT scholars….

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Understanding Biblical Theology, by Edward Klink and Darian Lockett

The website Books At a Glance posts substantive summaries (~3,000-6,000 words) of new books so busy students, pastors, and scholars can stay on top of what comes out. These summaries are more helpful than book reviews, which typically contain only around 300-500 words of summary. Books At a Glance also posts reviews and author interviews and runs a blog.

I have posted a book summary on Understanding Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice by Edward Klink and Darian Lockett….

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Measuring Style Shift in Paul’s Writings

From the volume Paul and Pseudepigraphy (PAST 8) (which I briefly summarize and evaluate here), one essay stood out as particularly important for contemporary debates over Pauline style. Many recent studies have emphasized the possible input of co-authors and the possible freedom of amanuenses, but many scholars still ignore these possibilities and argue for pseudonymity based on style. The argument is common with Ephesians/Colossians, as well as the Pastorals, and also 2 Thessalonians….

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Paul and Pseudepigraphy, ed. Porter and Fewster

I just finished up my review of Paul and Pseudepigraphy (PAST 8). This volume wasn’t quite what I expected. As the editors note, the book is not comprehensive, nor does it solve any issues conclusively. The first section deals with critical/methodological issues, the second deals with debated Pauline letters, and the third with non-canonical pseudepigraphy to focus on reception history rather than authenticity. I was looking for a work that would give a lot of history of research and essays on…

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New Int’l Dictionary of NT Theology & Exegesis (5 vols.)

In case you haven’t seen this new set from Zondervan, you should check out the recently published New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology and Exegesis. It is a 5 volume set and it’s edited by Moises Silva, who is well-known for his linguistic acumen, so this set is likely to be freer from linguistic fallacies that befell earlier similar projects (the Barr has been set high…….. sorry, couldn’t resist a terrible pun). I’m trying to get my hands on the…

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Richard Hays’ Reading Backwards: SBL Review Session

Last week at SBL I attended a review session on Richard Hays’ new book, Reading Backwards: Figural Christology and the Fourfold Gospel Witness. The reviewers included Marcus Bockmuehl, Marianne Thompson, and Francis Watson. The reviews were mostly positive, with most of the reviewers asking pretty tame (yet good) questions that either challenged small points of the book or gave slight push-back to Hays’ methodology. Hays in this work tried to do for the Gospels what he did for Paul, using his…

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