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Todd (PhD, Westminster) is a pastor and research fellow in Christian social ethics.

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Co-Founder, Fontes Press

Cliff (BA, Biblical Languages) is pursuing a ThM and is addicted to Hebrews.

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Will pastors and teaches NT at the Master’s University where he directs IBEX.

Jerome’s Legacy: Towering Scholar or Anti-Semite?

Jerome and the Jews: Innovative Supersessionism, by William Krewson (Wipf & Stock, 2017), 218pp. William Krewson’s book on Jerome is not simply another introduction to the life and thought of one of the truly great “Doctors of the Church.” His book is focused on one area of his many writings – the role of the Jewish people in the plan and purpose of God. People often use the writings of the Fathers when they are convenient to push a personal…

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Toolkit | “Best Single-Volume Intro to 2nd Cent. Christianity”

Announcements Regarding the new book Christianity at the Crossroads by Michael Kruger, Larry Hurtado (senior scholar and expert in early Christianity) says, “I’ve endorsed the book heartily. Indeed, I think it’s now the best single-volume introduction to Christianity in the second century.” Our Quarterlies are now all available on Kindle for just $2.99 each, with new issues soon to come. They’re great ways to get concise reviews, book notices, discussions of current biblical studies issues, and Greek discussions. The ET Podcast “Tool…

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Toolkit | Don’t Miss These 25 Book Deals

Blogs Thomas Kidd gives a brief and useful history of the altar call. William Varner posted his second video on how to read BDAG. Haddon Robinson, a preaching giant, died this week. Here’s a memoir. A quiz from Mike Bird that’s sure to stump you. I explained my new discipleship guide; download a sample chapter here. Here’s a Quizlet set of vocab cards for the Greek of Mark’s Gospel. Mike Aubrey wants to convince you that Greek accents matter. Book…

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Toolkit 07.20.17

Jobs The LAB has posted more academic jobs. Fontes Press is searching for typesetters. Please email if you’re interested or know someone who might be. Blogs Trouble keeping up with the Eugene Peterson debacle? Religion News posted an interview in which Eugene Peterson allegedly claimed he was fine with LGBT relationships and would marry a same-sex couple and that many he knows have spiritual lives as good as his. Backlash ensued, and LifeWay was about to pull his books.…

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Did Christ Descend into Hell?

The Apostles’ Creed has a line that many are uncomfortable with reciting: “he descended into hell.” Those who are uncomfortable with the phrase might note that it did not enter the creed until very late, perhaps around the seventh century. But even so, the concept of Christ’s descent to the realm of the dead pervades the writings of the early Fathers. They all believed he des….

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Toolkit 07.13.17

New Books Scacewater’s new book, Grounded in the Faith, is an ideal tool for teaching the basics of the faith to new believers in a discussion- and mentor-based scenario. For more on why Todd wrote it (and uses it in his church), see his post Two Problems with Making Converts instead of Disciples. Blogs Larry Hurtado tells you about a hidden Greek gem that he likes to carry in his briefcase. Book Deals The Pastor Theologian by Wilson and Hiestand, $2.99 on…

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Two Problems with Making Converts Instead of Disciples

I’ve seen it over and over, especially in “low churches.” Pastors and leaders might read the Great Commission as “make disciples,” but in practice they act as though Jesus commanded us to “make converts.” In fact, I once heard a well-known president of a seminary say it would be better to save hundreds of people from hell and leave them as baby Christians than to focus on discipling a few Christians deeply….

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Tookit 07.10.17

Hobby Lobby will pay a $3 million fine for illegal acts in their purchase of thousands of artifacts from Iraq in 2010. They paid $1.3 million for them and will return them all. Several major news sites have covered the story, from CNN to Time to the NYTimes to FEE, who offers some apologetic for Hobby Lobby. A research associate at Tyndale House discovered a manuscript of the former prophets by Samuel ben Jacob, the scribe of the Leningrad Codex (the earliest…

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