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Todd (PhD, Westminster) is a pastor and research fellow in Christian social ethics.

Cliff Kvidahl

Co-Founder, Fontes Press

Cliff (BA, Biblical Languages) is pursuing a ThM and is addicted to Hebrews.

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Will (PhD) pastors and teaches NT at The Master’s College where he directs IBEX.

Breakthroughs in Understanding the Greek Verb

When I finished my first four semesters of Greek, I was enchanted by the language and the way it opened up my understanding of the Bible as a whole. Yet I knew there was still much more to learn than the basic verbal categories in Wallace’s grammar, especially given all the exceptions to his rules. His description of aspect….

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New Book Deals, Blogs, and News

Larry Hurtado reviews J. R. Daniel Kirk’s A Man Attested by God and demonstrates how to carefully read and review a book.

Paul Hoskins (professor of NT at Southwestern Baptist Seminary and sometime-contributor to our blog) finished his Revelation commentary….

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The Apocalyptic Imagination: An Introduction to Jewish Apocalyptic Literature, by John J. Collins

The first edition of John Collins’ Apocalyptic Imagination was published more than 30 years ago. The second edition was published seventeen years ago. The third edition updates this time-tested textbook to take account of the last seventeen years of scholarship, which has shown immense interest in apocalyptic literature and its relevance for New Testament interpretation….

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The Germans Take On Alvin Plantinga

In the last half of the 20th century, many consider Alvin Plantinga to be the most important philosopher of religion. His work in the area of epistemology has been widely read and widely engaged by both Christian and non-Christian philosophers alike. In his magnum opus Warranted Christian Belief (hereafter WCB), which is the third book….

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Tony Merida on Christ-Centered Preaching

Sure. I have a broader definition of expository preaching than some. I define it as Word-driven preaching. It’s saying what God has said in His Word, and declaring what God has done in His Son, and applying that message to the hearts of people. So, I’m more concerned with essence (Word-driven) than form (i.e., book study, how you outline the text, etc). One could preach through a book, or one could preach a few sermons in a book, or one could even do a “topositional sermon” in order to explain a particular doctrine….

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Cheap Zondervan Academic E-Books Worth Buying

Thanks to Zondervan Academic for putting these books on sale! The Biblical Theology of the New Testament volumes are all worth owning. I don’t personally think they are the best example of biblical theology since they are purely thematic (e.g., the Luke-Acts volume surveys Messiah, Son of God, Son of David, etc. etc. from Luke 1 to Acts 28). I think we need to move beyond the purely thematic approach; but in any case, the volumes are good references for…

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